The SFCM Campus WiFi network may only be accessed by SFCM members since you will need to have successfully verified your SFCM Campus ID. Contact if you are unsure about this.

  1. Open the network settings on your device, and navigate to your available WiFi connections.
  2. Select 'SFCM Campus'
  3. Enter your SFCM Campus ID credentials (note: this should be your SFCM email address & the password you'd use to access Self-Service, sign into computers at SFCM, or access other SFCM online resources).
  4. If asked to trust the network, validate any certificates, or anything similar, please accept it.
  5. You should now be connected to SFCM Campus WiFi.
    • If on Android, please change the below settings:
      • EAP method: PEAP
      • Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
      • Online certificate: Do not verify
      • Domain:
      • Identity: full SFCM Campus ID (note: include '')
      • Password: SFCM Campus ID Password