Video: Dante System at SFCM (50 Oak Street)

Video: Dante System at the Bowes Center (200 Van Ness)

The Dante system is prioritized for use by the wind, brass and voice departments, as well as the RJAM department, because of the city's current restrictions in having musicians without face masks in the same room. In order to use a pair or groupings of rooms with Dante units, you will need to book the rooms in advance, either through or with your departmental chair.

As a reminder, the Dante system allows people in separate rooms to perform audio together in separate spaces, with no latency and great audio quality. The system does not have a visual component. Faculty and students can add video by setting up a separate Zoom meeting and muting the sound in the Zoom. The video will have lag and so it should only be used for assessing any visual components to playing, and not relied upon for cueing or performing together. Students should plan to bring a laptop or tablet if using Zoom with Dante. Faculty will have use of computers in the studios and classrooms. 

Although headphones are available with each Dante unit, you are welcome to bring your own headphones, and headphone jacks are available so that most headphones can plug into the interface. Wireless headphones will not work.

Please do not attempt to move or unplug the Dante units. If you have any questions regarding the use of the Dante system or are having any issues while attempting to use the system, please contact