1) SFCM Campus ID

(This login screen means you should use your SFCM Campus ID)

    Your SFCM Campus ID is your primary account when using SFCM online services, and can be used to log into computers, access Student / Faculty Self-Service for course-registration & grading, access Library services, and to sign into RingCentral Meetings and other non-Google applications. The username is typically the same as your SFCM Gmail address, but is a different account and may have a different password if you so choose. Tip: If it isn't a Google app, then use your SFCM Campus ID!

2) SFCM Google Account 

(This login screen means you should use your SFCM Google Account)

    Your SFCM Google account is used to access your SFCM Gmail, SFCM Google Drive, and even Google Classroom if your professor requires. Your SFCM Google account uses the same login username as your SFCM Campus ID, but may have a different password.