If you have any questions about the below instructions, please reach out to the IT Dept. at it@sfcm.edu or call/text (415) 503-6444.

  1. Make your way to the black AV cabinet underneath the TV. Open the door and switch on the red power switch. 
  2. Next, find the long HDMI cable coming out from the cabinet and plug it into your computer. There should be adapters attached if your computer doesn't have an HDMI port. 
    • Note: audio will be carried over the HDMI cable; no other cables necessary.
  3. Power on the TV(s) using the power button on the TV. Depending on the model of TV, there will be a power button bottom-left backside, or underneath in the center
  4. Use the HDMI Switch Remote to select Input 4 (IN4). Be sure to point this directly at the HDMI Switch Box; the cabinet door must be open. In 507 & 512, you will need to do this for both TV's. These are labelled L TV and R TV. Do not change the input directly on the TV.
  5. To adjust volume, please ensure the amp in the cabinet is on and turn the volume dial on the cabinet amp. 
  6. You should be all set! If there are any difficulties, please call (415) 503-6444.