The RingCentral computer app comes pre-installed on SFCM employee workstations. If you would like RingCentral for your personal device, you may use the download link for your device below:

Windows  |  macOS  |  iOS  |  Android

The below instructions can be used for both desktop and mobile RingCentral apps.


  1. Open the RingCentral app on your device. Select Sign in
  2. Select Single Sign-on
  3. First check the box for Remember email. Next, enter your SFCM Campus ID login (be sure to include the ''). If you do not know your SFCM Campus ID, please reach out to the IT Department
  4. An internet-browser window should open prompting you to re-enter your SFCM Campus ID login. 
  5. Enter your SFCM Campus ID password. 
  6. You should now successfully be signed in to your RingCentral app!